středa, ledna 17, 2007

Flash Element TD- optimal strategy hunt

And what's your strategy?;)

Found this game about 2 days before and the top score was about 30 000 or so.

Today: even with 60k the leaderboard is too small for you. The highest score I've seen was over 4M and this guy died in the 7th level:)

All the guys reaching 1M+ died in a few first levels or so. In fact just now there is a guy on the leaderboard who died in a second level and his score is 1,237,654-it means that there should be some strategy for fast top score earn...maybe just bug but this game is so great because of just trying to reach the top score and any trick or strategy or cheat or hack is fair-play...and I really like this way of competing with other people.

I started with 2k score. Than i found aout that saving money is realy necessary for my future.
So then 10K with fire & water towers or combo & water towers.

So cannon_only strategy:

-place first cannon in the bottom or top right corner-the best place, the other few on the same place, also exploit overlaping as much as possible
(anyway in the end there would be not enough place:)

-buy only canon;)

--for AIR LEVELS buy air towers and upgrade them twice-they are pretty efficient, don't forgot to sell all but one last before all the flying creeps die-you are receiving your interest immediately after the last creep died

-spend your wood only on upgrading interest income

-boss will always go through at least once-don't worry-lettim them go is i think better then buying extra towers and then immediately selling them

-no chance in the last level: creeps are pretty smart and due to gaps between them, cannons splash is just die enjoying your high score(most of the guys on the leaderboard died in the 39th level dying will not influent your score)

The limit of this strategy should be at least 100k when accurately played. I tried it just once and so made a lot of mistakes.

An overcreeped and overcannoned picture:

And an unhappy picture: